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Geophysical Instruments and Ground Water Detection Equipment

Geophysical Instruments and Ground Water Detection Equipment
Geophysical instruments and ground water detection equipment is distributed 2-D Multi-electrode Induced Polarization Surveying System. It is capable of not only normal resistivity,2-D, 3-D multi-electrode resistivity survey, but also 2-D multi-electrode induced polarization survey.
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Product Details

2D and 3D geophysical resistivity meter(1)(001)


General resistivity/IP sounding

Multi-electrode 2D/3D resistivity imaging

Multi-electrode 2D IP imaging

Rock sample test

Work as receiver in large power IP system

2D Electric resistivity survey equipment ground water(2)(001)


Underground water inspection

Energy resource prospecting

City geophysical exploration

Railway and bridge inspecting  

Metal and nonmetal mineral resources survey

Engineering geology

Geothermal field survey.

Deep geophysical equipment groundwater detector(3)(001)


Geophysical instruments and ground water detection equipment

Receiving part:

voltage channel: ±32V(24 bitA/D)

accuracy: as Vp≥5mV, ±0.2% ±1 character as 0.1mV≤Vp<5mV, ±1% ±1 character 

Input impedance: >50MΩ 

Apparent polarization accuracy: ±1%±1character 

SP compensation range: ±10V 

Current channel: 6A(24bitA/D)

measurement accuracy: as Ip≥5mA, ±0.2% ±1character as 0.1mA≤Ip<5mA, ±1% ±1character 

As for 50Hz industrial interface(common and different mode)depression is better than 80dB

geophysical prospecting Instrument(4)(001)

Transmitter part

maximium power: 7200W

maximium supply voltage: ±1200V

maximium supply current: ±6A

supply current width :1~60s, duty rate 1:1

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