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Borehole Equipment

Borehole equipment is wide range from borehole inspection camera, well logging equipment, borehole inclinometer, water level meter and other borehole test equipment
  • Rotary Water Well Camera for Underwater Inspection

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    Rotary Water Well Camera for Underwater Inspection

    rotary water well camera for underwater inspection with complete camera monitor, camera probe, portable winch, long cable for deep water well inspection. It is waterproof system for deep water well monitoring.Read More

  • Deep Water Well Logging Equipment

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    Deep Water Well Logging Equipment

    GDQ-2D Deep water well logging equipment is geophysical slimhole borehole logging systems for groundwater, mining, research, geotechnical applications. It features a complete range of wireline logging probes, geophysical logging winches, data loggers.Read More

  • 50m Water Well Level Sensor

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    50m Water Well Level Sensor

    50m Water Level Senor is an economical model of the Water Level Meter 500m, with a Kevlar-reinforced polyethylene tape and stainless steel conductors. This affordable water level senor offers long-lasting performance for well drillers, pump installers, and other service users.Read More

  • 100m Water Well Level Indicator

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    100m Water Well Level Indicator

    Water well level indicator is designed for well drillers, consultants and hydrogeologists all across the globe. The water well leve meter is manufactured for professionals who require the most accurate measurements of water levels, length of well-casing and total well-depth.Read More

  • 150m Water Level Sensor

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    150m Water Level Sensor

    150m water level sensor typically is used to measure the depth of water levels in boreholes, standpipes or observation wells. Available with tape lengths of 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m, and 300m with millimetre graduations.Read More

  • 200m Water Level Indicator

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    200m Water Level Indicator

    We stock a variety of water level indicators perfect for measuring boreholes, tanks and rivers for water level changes.A simple measuring tape with a sensor at the tip for borehole water level readings. All of our instruments are both portable, rugged and are offered in...Read More

  • 300m Level Meter

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    300m Level Meter

    Water level meter is used to measure the depth of water in wells, boreholes, standpipes, and tanks, 300m Level Meter is the industry standard for portable hand operated meters. They are sturdy, easy to use and read accurately to 1/100m. or each millimeter.Read More

  • High Accuracy Water Level Meter

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    High Accuracy Water Level Meter

    The high accuracy water level meter comprises a Stainless Steel probe fitted to a flexible graduated cable which is wound on to a hand reel containing a transistorised switched circuit, audio and visual indicators and a battery. it is simple to use and being portable can be...Read More

  • 400m Water Level Tool

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    400m Water Level Tool

    400m Water Level Tool is best used to measure water levels in water wells, bore hole. Most of these well tapes, tag lines and cabled meters have probes that detect the water via fluid conductivity. These meters then emit an audio and visual signal to denote where the water...Read More

  • 500m Water Well Depth Measuring Devices

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    500m Water Well Depth Measuring Devices

    500m water well depth measuring device consists of a stainless steel shrouded probe. It's used to measure depth of conductive liquids in boreholes, pipe or water well.Read More

  • 14mm 25mm Diameter Water Level Gauge

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    14mm 25mm Diameter Water Level Gauge

    14mm 25mm diameter water level gauge is accurate and reliable meters designed for fast, easy and reliable measurements of water levels in wells, piezometer stand pipes, bore holes, observation tubes, tanks and in open water. Sturdy design suitable for intensive use and is...Read More

  • Sonic Water Level Instrument for Level Measuring

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    Sonic Water Level Instrument for Level Measuring

    Sonic water level instrument provide the highest accuracy and best value for the measurement of water level in environmental wells, boreholes, tanks, etc. With dependability, accuracy, and durability, water level reading quick, and the stainless steel capable is resistant to...Read More

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